Child Sexual Abuse

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Truths About Child Sexual Abuse


No child is safe from child sexual abuse. Every race, gender, background, neighborhood and community is affected. Every child is at risk.

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Child sexual abuse is not only one of the most widespread epidemics — it is also one of the least discussed. The epidemic is silent, hidden behind closed doors — and that cover-up has largely been on purpose.

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Talking about child sexual abuse is shushed in order to normalize the occurrence of child sexual abuse and to make you feel powerless. Powerful institutions are all too often behind the abuse; the way those institutions see it, your voice, your story, your ability to speak up is their risk. Instead of rising to the occasion, they told children to stay quiet.

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Just as no child is immune from sexual abuse, so too is no adult immune from committing sexual abuse.  We have seen the most devout religious leaders, the most trusted and respected school teachers, the most kind and patient Boy Scout leaders be convicted of unthinkable sexual acts against minors.

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Child sexual abuse includes physical contact, exposure, voyeurism and pornography. Sadly, these acts are often repeated by the same sexual offenders, also known as sexual predators, again and again.

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Around 14 percent of predators commit another sexual offense after a mere five years, while some predators commit sexual abuse much more frequently.

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What if my abuse happened ages ago?”

The abuse may have happened ages ago. But think about it for a second and you’re probably right back there, the time not seeming to have passed at all. No matter when the abuse occurred, no matter how old the perpetrator, we encourage you to still take action by reporting your abuse and talking to a sexual abuse lawyer about your legal — and confidential — options.

Just consider this: Schools, churches and clubs were typically the first to know of instances of sexual abuse. But that didn’t mean they did a single thing to stop it.

Widespread sexual abuse of minors would not occur if not for the dangerous combination of predators and the institutions and supervisors who protected the predators (rather than the innocent children) again and again.